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Through the Years Perry Education Association (PEA) is the exclusive representative for all members of the bargaining unit in MSD Perry Township, Indianapolis, Indiana. PEA is affiliated with the Indiana State Teachers Association and the National Education Association. Past presidents of PEA have included Marilyn Hubbard, Barbara (King) Stainbrook, Chuck Joseph, Larry Marschand, Ken Knabel, Bob Burch, Pat Johnson, John Gibson, Jim Nichols, Linda (Wonn) Williams, Lyndon Wall, Terry Rice, and Neil Linville who is currently president. On September 18, 1980, a “work stoppage” involving 52.8% of Perry Township teachers taking sick and personal leave days occurred in the school corporation. This “work stoppage” was the culmination of a prolonged negotiations period between PEA and the school corporation, with no agreement reached. During the negotiations process, the corporation, for the first and only time, hired an out-of- state negotiator to represent the school board. After the “work stoppage,” the Indiana Education Employment Relations Board declared that an unlawful strike had occurred on September 18. As a result, teachers involved in the “work stoppage” were sued by the school corporation, with each involved teacher eventually losing one day’s pay. For a period of years, two different teachers’ associations existed in Perry Township. Perry Local Educators Association (PLEA), the second organization, on more than one occasion challenged PEA to become the sole teacher representative. Each time, after a teacher vote, PEA overwhelmingly won the right to represent Perry teachers. A major disagreement between the two organizations reached the United States Supreme Court. The conflict involved use of teacher mailboxes by teacher organizations. The Supreme Court ruled that only PEA, the duly elected representative organization, had a right to distribute material via teacher mailboxes in school buildings. Over the years, PEA has grown stronger and more visible within the school district. This strength and visibility are a tribute to the many leaders who give of their time and talents to the organization and to the members who support their organization and its leaders. PEA is concerned not only about teacher salaries, benefits, and working conditions, but also about the children and patrons of the school district. Perry Education Association is truly a partner in the educational process in Perry Township. Historical information compiled by Mrs. Mary Rebber, retired Perry Township educator and PEA member and officer. (2005)