“Pride in the Profession”
Perry Education Association
Perry Education Association
P.O. Box 47432 Indianapolis, IN 46247 Phone: 317.789.4834
Web Master: Chris Allen callen@perryschools.org
The Perry Education Association (PEA), the second largest local teacher association in Marion County and one of the largest in the state, remains focused on preserving and strengthening the profession of public instruction. We are devoted to ensuring Perry Township teachers enjoy receive the following: strong, competitive wages; low-cost/high-quality health benefits; healthy retirement contributions; and a positive work environment. In short, we work hard to eliminate any unwanted distractions from the classroom. To do this, we pride ourselves in the art of collaboration with our school administration. Our strong membership also allowed us to help in securing another successful referendum in 2015 by donating PAC funds to the Vote Yes campaign. PEA members and elected leaders strive to set the bar high for professionalism within public instruction.
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